HangaarLab has announced the release of version 3.0 of V-Sight: its flagship Industrial Augmented Reality Platform for industrial workforces.

V-Sight Remote 3.0 is the biggest update we’ve ever released. We’ve improved the features you already love and we’re bringing you powerful new tools to help your team get the job done right. With V-Sight 3.0, experts can share PDFs, images and 3D-objects with their team on the field, and work on same documents simultaneously.

Little blurb: expert shared a 500 page PDFs manual and navigated to the page 342 and scrolled to a diagram on that page. The same diagram can be seen on smart glass or mobile device on the field at the same time. Same applies to screenshots, images, and 3D-Objects. That is what we call ‘See As You Are There’.

If you’re already using V-Sight Remote, you should receive the update automatically through V-Sight Updater.

Don’t have it yet? Sign up for a V-Sight Free Trial to get instant access and optimize your work operations today: http://www.hangaarlab.com/applicationform