V-Sight Industrial Augmented Reality Platform

V-Sight, industrial augmented reality software platform helps enterprises transform workforce into intelligent workforce and increase productivity by integrating wearable and mobile software into the enterprise workflow. With Remote functionality, powers enterprise-grade audio/video streaming technology for remote support and hands-free collaboration in industrial and manufacturing environments.

Hardware Agnostic Platform

Access task details and instructions from any device; Mac or PC, Android or iOS mobile device or tablet or smart glass.

Remote Work

Share know-how of high-quality workforce regardless of location, time, situation for maintenance, help and test.

Increase Efficiency

Bring augmented information to worker where they need the most such as 3D diagram, manual, guidance.

Design Your Enterprise Workflow from Dashboard

Every enterprise has different needs when it comes to AR. Design your workflow anytime you need without any 3rd party support.

Improved Utilization of High Quality Expert

Improved Assembly Line Process

More Productive Workforce

Selected Customers

Schneider Electric

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HangaarLab News

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Sep 0
Sep 0

IAA 2018: HangaarLab V-Sight makes automative maintenance easier and collaborative

Hanover / Germany. September 20-27th 2018. HangaarLab is supporting automative industry with V-Sight Remote: Remote Maintenance and Repair.

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Feb 3
Feb 3

HangaarLab V-Sight Remote Smart Glass Application is now on ODG Reticle AppCenter

HangaarLab V-Sight Remote Smart Glass Application is now on ODG Reticle AppCenter with global coverage. Remote application can be downloaded directly to ODG R-7 Smart Glasses through ODG Reticle AppCenter. ODG Osterhout Group having just launched our 8th generation of smartglasses that deliver augmented reality experiences. V-Sight Remote App on ODG Reticle AppCenter

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